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Do you have a complaint? Tell us about it.

How do we deal with complaints in our practice? What can you do if you’re not satisfied with something? Read on to find out more about our complaints procedure.

Tell us what is bothering you
It is important that you feel comfortable with your midwife. Because being pregnant is an exciting period in itself. This is the reason that we do our best to care for you and your baby. Are there any questions bothering you? Doubts? Is there something you’re not satisfied with? Tell us about it. Preferably as soon as possible, but even if you’ve had this feeling for some time. Then we can discuss it together and we can try to solve it as quickly as possible. Perhaps we can clear up a misunderstanding. Or put your mind at rest. Or treat you in a way that you feel more at ease.

We are always willing to make an appointment to talk
It can happen that we don’t have time just at the moment when you want to discuss something with us. That can be annoying. But we hope you will understand. We can’t always plan our work: births can upset everyone’s plans. But we are always willing to make a separate appointment for you. Then we can take time to talk.

Need help in registering your complaint?
Would you like someone to help you submit a complaint? Call 0900 – 2437070 (€ 0.10 per minute). This is the telephone number of the Information and Complaints Department of Zorgbelang. The staff in this department is there to advise you and can tell you more about your rights. They help you to talk to us if you find that a problem. Or they will help you write a letter about your complaint. Go to www.zorgbelang-nederland.nl for more information. This website has leaflets in several languages.

If we can’t work things out together: the mediator
We hope, of course, that things won’t get that far. But it’s possible that we can’t work things out together. If you wish, we can bring in the help of a ‘mediator’. This is a neutral person with special training who will help us to look for a solution together. The aim of the mediator is to restore the trust between us.

For an impartial decision: the KNOV complaints committee
If you wish to have an independent decision, you can submit your complaint to the Complaints Committee of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie voor Verloskundigen (KNOV) [Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwifes]. This Complaints Committee will examine and decide whether your complaint is founded. If it is, the committee will ask us to adapt our services. You can find more information on the complaints committee and the procedure on Internet: www.knov.nl. Or contact the complaints committee directly:

KNOV Klachtencommissie
P.O. Box 2001, 3500 GA Utrecht
E-mail: evanmackelenbergh@knov.nl
Telephone: (073) 689 18 90

A complaint costs nothing
No costs are attached to the steps mentioned in this leaflet. There is no charge for talking to us about a complaint, not even if we have to make a separate appointment for this. The services of the mediator and the complaints committee are also free of charge. Perhaps we will need to bring in other help, for example, a solicitor, or a doctor for medical advice. You will have to pay for their help.

More information?
You can find more detailed information about this complaints procedure for midwifery practices at the website of the KNOV: www.knov.nl. Or go to our own website. Do you not have internet? Then we have a printed version. Just ask for it.

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